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By Frank J. Wilstach

Initially released in 1916. This quantity from the Cornell collage Library's print collections was once scanned on an APT BookScan and switched over to JPG 2000 layout by way of Kirtas applied sciences. All titles scanned disguise to hide and pages may possibly comprise marks notations and different marginalia found in the unique quantity.

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Agony n. anguish, trouble, distress, suffering, misery, wretchedness, pain, pangs, woe, torment, throes, torture, affliction: For two days his parents experienced the agony of not knowing whether he was dead or alive. agree v. 1 concur, conform, come or go together, coincide, correspond, harmonize, reconcile; accord, tally, Colloq jibe: At last my cheque-book agrees with my bank statement! 2 Often, agree to. consent to, favour, acquiesce in or to, approve of, accede to, assent to: They finally agreed to our offer.

1 versed, proficient, skilled, well-skilled, expert, accomplished, skilful or US skillful, adroit, dexterous or dextrous, able, masterful, masterly, polished: She is an adept pianist, and her husband is adept at carpentry. --n. 2 expert, master, specialist, authority , Colloq dab hand, old hand: He is an adept at anything that one does with one's hands. adequate adj. 1 sufficient, enough, ample; satisfactory, fitting, equal, suitable: Is there language adequate to describe my feelings? 2 passable, fair, fair to middling, middling, average, tolerable, (barely) acceptable, (barely) satisfactory, all right, competent, not (at all) bad, so so , Colloq OK or okay, up to snuff, not that or too bad, no great shakes: The music was good, the band only adequate.

Wonder, awe; delight, pleasure; esteem, regard, appreciation, respect: She is lost in admiration of her mother's latest painting. Randolph was presented with a gold medal as a token of his colleagues' admiration. admire v. 1 wonder or marvel (at), delight in: Typically, he most admires people who are wealthy. 2 esteem, regard or respect highly, look up to, revere, idolize, venerate, worship: The queen is one of the most admired people in the country. admirer n. 1 devotee, aficionado, fan, supporter, enthusiast, adherent, follower Slang groupie: Rock stars always seem to be accompanied by a retinue of admirers.

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