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By Carl Darling Buck

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Originally released in 1949 and showing now for the 1st time in a paperbound variation, Buck's Dictionary is still an vital device for diachronic research of the Indo-European languages. prepared in line with the that means of phrases, the paintings includes greater than 1,000 groupings of synonyms from the crucial Indo-European languages. dollar first tabulates the phrases describing a specific proposal after which discusses their etymological and semantic background, tracing alterations in which means of the basis phrases in addition to providing instances indicating which of the older types were changed by means of expressions of colloquial or overseas origin.

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Androgen binding protein androgenbindendes Protein nt. anldrolgenlelsis [,rendr;"~u'd3en;"~sis] n Androgenesef. anldrolgelnetlic [,rendr;"~Ud3;"~'netik] adj. androgenetisch. anldrolgenlic [,rendr;"~u'd3emk] adj. androgen. u. androgen. anldrolgelniclilty [,rendr;"~ud3;"~'ms;"~ti] n Androgenizitätf anldrolgenlilzaltion [,rendr;"~Ud3em'zeiJn] n Vermännlichungf, Androgenisationf. anldroid ['rendr:lid] In Android(e) m. II adj. vermännlicht, android. um] n Androsom nt. anldrolstane ['rendr;"~ustem] n Androstan nt.

Aqueduct of cochlea Aqueductus cochleae. aqueduct of Fallopius Fazialiskanal m, Canalis nervi facialis. aqueduct of mesencephalon Aquädukt, Aqueductus cerebri/mesencephalici. u. aqueduct of mesencephalon. u. aqueduct ofmesencephalon. u. aqueduct ofmesencephalon. aqueduct of vestibule Endolymphgang m, Ductus endolymphaticus. v. aqueduct. alquelous ['eikwi;~s, 'rek-) In Kammerwasser nt, Humor aquosus. II adj. wässerig, wässrig, wasserhaltig, -artig, Wasser-. aqueous chamber (Auge) mit Kammerwasser gefüllter Augenraum.

U. amphichromatic. amlphilcyte ['remfisait] n Mantelzellef, Amphizyt m. amlphildilarlthrolsis [,rernfidam:r'9rausis] n Amphidiarthrose f amlphilkarlylon [,remfa'krenan] n diploider Kern m, Amphikaryon nt. amlphillous ['remfdas] adj. u. amphophil II. amlphilnulclelus [,rernfi'n(j)u:khas] n Amphi-, Zentronukleus m. amlphilpath ['remfipre9, -pa:9] n amphipathische Substanz/ amlphilpathlic [,remfi'pre9Ik] adj. amphipathisch. amlpholchrolmolphil [,remfa'kraumafd] n, adj. u. amphophil. u. amphophill.

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