Edward Semple Le Comte's A Dictionary of Puns in Milton’s English Poetry PDF

By Edward Semple Le Comte

ISBN-10: 1349057061

ISBN-13: 9781349057061

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Landor, p. ) cordial v 12 with looks ofcordial love (a) heartfelt (L. cor, cordis). Lockwood. (b) reviving. Elledge. (c) warm. cordial viii 466 From thence a rib, with cordial spirits warm, (a) on the side of the heart (cor). (b) "cordial spirits" a synonym for vital spirits in the old physiology. Fowler. corny vii 321 up stood the corny reed (a) ofwheat. (b) horny (L. corneus). Hume. correspond vii 511 Magnanimous to correspond with heav'n, (a) be in harmony, relate. (b) able to hold intercourse, commune.

B) clear. conspicuous iii 385 constrained ix 164 I ... am now constrained Into a beast, and mixed with bestial slime, This essence to incarnate and imbrute, (a) compressed,contracted. (b) forced. (c) produced in opposition to nature. Fowler. contagious ix 1036 Eve, whose eye darted contagious fire. (a) exciting like feelings. (b) spreading a disease by contact. Cf. x 544: "Catched by contagion". Evans (Broadbent). In contemplation ofcreated things By steps we may ascend to God. (a) attentive consideration.

B) proleptic and ironic, compound our present evils. (c) line up or order our evil forces (or troops). composition vi 613 propounded terms Of composition, (a) reconciliation, agreements for cessation of hostilities. (b) physical mixture (for gunpowder). composure vi 560 how we seek Peace and composure, (a) agreement, settlement. (b) putting together of ingredients for explosion. Paterson. 32 composure With sweet austere composure thus replied: composure ix 272 (a) equanimity, calmness. {b) carefully ordered speech composition.

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