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A vintage in folklore scholarship prepared in 2 components. people Narratives includes stories instructed for edification or satisfaction, yet now not regarded as factually precise. folks Legends offers stories the tellers believed to be files of exact occasions.

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Zall, p. 132. THE CONJURER or THE TURKEY AND THE RING [summary] A Yorkshireman, named Robin Rostrum, envious of the wealth and easy living of gentlefolk, decided to become a conjuror. He purchased a false beard and whiskers, and made his way into Kent, where he settled on the estate of Sir Simon Gull, and before long a fortunate chance gave him the opportunity of building up a reputation as a magician. A precious diamond ring belonging to Lady Gull was missing, and she sent to Robin, in her husband’s absence, to discover the thief.

I dreamt I was in hell,” the other soberly replied. “Ho! Ho! ” asked the squire. “All they that had most money sat nearest the fire,” the dreamer answered. ” the other inquired. “Not quite,” said the dreamer. “I walked about, and found a beautiful golden seat, and * indexes, signs. † nothing. A dictionary of british folktales 44 was going to sit down when somebody took hold of my shoulder and said: ‘You mustn’t sit there! ’ said I. ” Norton Collection, II, p. 239. Wiltshire. Alfred Williams, Round About the Upper Thames, p.

488 [Lawyer’s dog steals meat]. An inn in Banbury is named The Case is Altered, presumably after Plowden. See also “The Lawyer’s Dog Steals Meat”. CATCHING AN OWL A somewhat superior Cockney, who had come down from London for “hopping” at Southover Farm…had annoyed a good many of our “home-dwellers”, by his ill-disguised contempt for “yokels”, and “country bumpkins”, and a punishment was accordingly prepared for him. Three of our natives took occasion one morning, when he was standing near them, to say in rather loud tones, that in the evening they were going owl-catching.

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