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A. and MUTVEI, H. 2003. Rev. Pal4obiol,22:811squid-likecoleoids:Loligosepia,Trachy'teuthis 894, muscularmantle DOGUZHAEVA, L. , MUTVEI, H. andDONOVAN, D. 2002. Pro-ostracum, and conotheca in the Middle Jurassic belemnite Megateuthis. In: (H. - Presentand Past. SUMMESBERGER,K. HISTON & A. )Cephalopods -339. -A.. Abh. B. 51: 321 DOGUZHAEVA, L. , MUTVEI, H. and WEITSCHAT, W. 2003. , 3: 19-89, DONOVAN, D. T. and CRANE, M. D. 1992. The type material of the Jurassiccephalopod gy, 35: 213-296. B elemnotheutis.

Thanto othel circulatory organsof Sepiaofficinctlis. Key words: Coleoid cephalopods,cholinergic transmittel system. Circulatory system, nicotinergic acetylcholine receptor,peristaltis,Scpia officinalis,Vena cephalica. Like in vertebratesat cephalopodsthe thick-walledarteriesenablea high-pressurisecirculation by an air vesselfunction, (Shadwick and Nilsson, 1990). The periadventitial, longitudinalmuscle layer (PLM) effects cranial to caudal contractionwaves, while the circular muscle fibre layer of the Tunica media (cMF) is responsiblefor peristalticcontractionsof the vessel(Schipp,1987b).

F NAEF, A. 1922. B erliner Palciobiol. , 5 (2004). r1 SCHMIDTBERG, H. 1999. In: Advancing Researchon Living and Fossil Cephalopods(F. Oloriz and F. J. ), Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York. pp. 203-222. , FLASH, T. and HOCHNER, B. 2005. Nature, 433: 595-596. 28 2ndInternational Symposium- Coleoid CephalopodsThrough Time - Prague 2005 Comparison of adhesiveorgan betweenldiosepius sp. at ABSTRACT: Histological, histochemicaland ultrastructuralmethods were applied to elucidate the nature of the secretionin the epithelial cells of three ldiosepius species(1.

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